If I want this kind of girl?

What would she be I don't want a good girl and I. Don't want a really bad girl is there a middle


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  • Try a girl that looks good--there's always a darker side. Everyone has darker side and lighter side--one is expressed and the other suppressed. Draw it out and I bet she'll surprise you. ;)

    • Yeah I just want one that's middle of the road kinda good and bad but doesn't lean too far on either

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    • I'll think about it, lol. I'm really skeptical of long distance stuff nowadays. But I'm always up for talking and making friends. ☺ (not to put you in the friendzone, but I don't really know you and you seem really nice too but I don't know stuff right now, lol. I'm a mess.)

    • Yeah didn't really wanna be friend zoned :( it happens to me a lot

  • There are a lot in between we all have our secrets but its fun to discover them. So relax, you'll find her


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