Why aren't decent guys interested in me?

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  • Because at your age - most of the decent guys are married. My friend used to tell me that if a guy was 30 and still single - there was something wrong with him - either he has commitment issues or he has personality problems.

    • Don't think that's necessarily true. I know guys in their 30s that aren't married, although they want a steady relationship and all the joys that come with it, just like there are plenty of women in that demographic.

      That said, I think in our current... lifetimes, the stress, adverse views, and freedom to travel really makes people not in the best frame of mind to have relationships. I mean we, mostly, all want them - but then you could also be hesitant or afraid to enter one, you've seen your friends and/or siblings/relatives/family members go through horrible break-ups, cheating, abuse, etc, or you view certain free spirited friends travelling the world doing whatever they want relatively easily and you become evasive of such a concept. Essentially you're in love with being in love but the reality is a much different truth to your expectation that you keep putting it off; kind of like how I think most people view sex prior to losing their virginity then the reality of your first

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    • And maybe you're right! Balancing your career and creating a family seems like it's a two different ends of the spectrum pole of life sometimes...

    • Maybe. I'd rather not live in denial and live in reality. They, like you said, are already married to decent girls (the shaytards -a YouTube family blogger), I ignored red flags early on, or missmatched connections (they like me but I don't like them or vice versa)... (sigh) oh well... the fact that I cared more about building a stable financial future for myself and wasn't sleeping around maybe hurt my love life in the process to then...

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  • because, jerks are cute. 'decent' guys are interested in you, but they are not likely to be guys that you find attractive. "nice" is girl-code for "not attractive."

    • Your always right lol

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    • So you mean to tell me that I have to settle for someone I am not even the least bit attracted to just because he's nice and I want a family?

    • no. Notice I said "not likely". There are exceptions. You can hold out for one if you want, but expect a lot of failure during the 'vetting' process - and try not to get too upset about it. Good-looking nice guys are rare, and the only way to find one is to try all the good-looking guys, but quickly abandon and get past the jerks. You could also do what most women do and try to 'change' the guy. He'll be annoyed, but it's worked for centuries, so..

  • Because they way you type and you prob act like that in person lmao"

    • No I don't, but thanks for trying ;-)

  • Sorry, I left my crystal ball in my other pants.

  • Most guys at your age are either taken already or just not interested in serious relationships

    • So I guess people really DID spend their 20s fuckinh around or settling down already? Having babies even though they couldn't afford them yet? Hmm...

    • So you're telling me that I'm too old to find a decrnt man? That I should've focused on finding a guy in my late teens to early twenties? Really? -_-

    • What you do is up to you. I don't know

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