Can It be? Any advise?

Sooo im a freshman and he is a jr in college... he's transferring to a 4 year in about 2 months. he knows I havnt had the best relationships but he hasn't had a real one because he has only seen the drama part of his friends breakups. Im not down for drama I completely hate it! I noticed he's scared to get attached to me. we have gotten into the habit of staying about 3 hours after class just talking and laughing. We have gone out to eat and out to ice cream and everytime we go out he says its a date. one night he brought up that we both has so much going on and that he didn't want to force it however he neer said he liked me straight up. I think he is great but I don't want to completely fall for him and not see him because of the change of college... Any advise


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  • You're a freshman in high school and he's a junior in college?
    That's a pretty big difference when it comes to where you guys are at in your lives.
    It's also illegal if you guys do anything physical.

    It sounds like he's saying to just go with the flow and not try to force anything or make anything happen, which tells me he's enjoying you but probably not interested in an actual relationship.