Good idea to surprise my crush (we are friends who started dating a while ago) with a late night picnic?

There is this girl I really like. I'm 21 and she is 18.
We're already really good friends but I started developing romantic feelings for her and so did she, whereas I don't know if her feelings for me are as strong as mine. I pretty much fell in love with her but I didn't tell her yet because I don't wanna come on too strong. She is this very shy and cute girl.

Anyway, we've been on one date so far where we went to a restaurant and we watched some movies later on (at my place). Of course I didn't try anything sexual because I don't wanna hurt her feelings by screwing her once and then be gone. I want a serious relationship with her and I wanna show her I'm serious about her.
We did end up cuddling and holding each other's hands which I really enjoyed, I hope she did as well.

This weekend there's gonna be our 2nd date and I was wondering what to do. Would it be a good idea to surprise her with a romantic late night picnic?
I wanna bring her to my place after that to watch some movies and cuddle with her again.


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  • It's a winner. She'll love that.


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