Am I reading too deeply into how she responds when I ask her to do something?

Been talking to a girl for about 3 months, first month or so I could tell she was definitely interested, we hung out a few times and saw each other a decent amount (live about 45 minutes apart), deep conversation, cuddling etc.

The last couple months, Im not really sure, but she just seems a little different. We've hung out, but never alone, and when I do ask her, i get a very non-committal answer, or a roundabout conversation occurs.

Examples: I've asked her to do something, listed a couple options, and she started talking about the weather... lol. She agreed to go somewhere with me after that, then the day of didn't say she wasn't going... just kind of didn't say she was and that she didn't feel like it, i left it at that. She invited me to come hang out with her and a couple friends, but again, we never were alone. The other day I said lets do something saturday, gave her a time and place... her response was "its supposed to rain saturday" and she showed me that it is a 17% chance? lol. I said everything i looked at said it wasn't supposed to rain, and that was just kind of it...

Its frustrating. I've mentioned it before, she tells me that if she didn't want to she would just say no to me, and she doesn't notice that she responds like that. Am I reading too deeply into it or is it really just disinterest like I feel like it is?


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  • No, it sounds like your reading into it just right. From what you've written it sounds like she's lost interest in you.


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  • Talk to her about it! Tell her how you feel. Tell her that I like to spend time with YOU. I like your friends to but I like you more. But don't kiss her ass, let her know if your not Interested In me then I'm gone, bye bye. You know?

    • the thing is, when we first started talking we were alone together alot. Now it just seems impossible or something is always coming up, like one time we had plans and when i got there to pick her up she sprung on me that her friend was coming too... weve talked about if we were to date before and things like that, so i dont feel it should have to be explicitly stated i want it to be just the two of us...

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