Are your guys experiences with formal dates something like this?

1st date: pre-canned BS that every other guy/girl has heard but with a slight twist to make you feel like you're compatible because somehow the stars and the moon somehow aligned to cause you too to meet (oh you like "x", why me too! - for almost EVERY single item in the conversation)
2nd date: not as much pre-canned BS but you're not getting the full truth, generally still feeling the other person out and trying not to offend them but making your views known.
3rd date: by this point the pre-canned BS has stopped, I feel like I've gotten enough of a read on the person to take it to more than just a make out session, flirtatious but non-sexual physical contact, etc.

Don't get me wrong some dates are so good that you just end up hooking up the first time around, but do you find as you get older that dates go along this structural pattern or do they differ for you? If they do differ, please tell!

The word guys in the question title may be a bit misleading, what I mean is Are your experiences (both guys and girls) with formal dates somthing like this?


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  • No, not really. Your question seems to be more about the flow of conversation and when you become physical. For me, interactions tend to be physically flirtatious from the start with guys often times being the ones to initiate contact. Touching the arm, hair, hands. I think in terms of conversation, when else are you supposed to ask those basic interest questions? After a month? I think having a basic idea of what they're into allows you to have a better understanding if they're someone that you'd want to be intimate with.


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