If it's getting deep and you know you have to get out, Do you get out now or keep going till it has to finally end?

So I have been dating a guy for around 4 months now knowing full well he is trying to join the army. Being a spontaneous type I figured I'd carrying on dating not looking past the moment but it's coming to the point where he might be off soon and I think I have of falling for him. So do I get out now and save getting even more hurt when he goes or do I enjoy the last moments we have together?


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  • I would talk to some older women who have dated military and see what advice they have to offer (or simply google this advice since i am sure many women have been through this). Recognize their age and see how old they were at the time of their experience.

    Grab positive experiences along with the negatives. Talk to your trusted family and friends who have your best interest..

    After all this... listen to your gut. what does it say?

    In the end, if it was going to work, it will work. If not? just a another life listen to learn and to take with you.


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  • Get out now. You'll find someone else while he's in. If you stay with it you may do something really dumb like wait for him and that'll just waste your time and you're too young for that