I like the girl but I moved away?

we know each other really well. her parents like me, we used to text everyday then we both started High school should I tell her how I feel. If so how? call her or text her


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  • Why don't you try to meet her and tell her directly?
    If you tell her by phone or text her, she may think that you're just joking around/not serious about your feelings towards her.


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  • Unless you have some signal, none mixed that she is feeling the same, don't say anything just yet, skittles. And it would seem that being you 'Know each other really well' and that it's a family affair to boot as well, somehow you would Know that with your friendship that there is something sizzling on her end to let you Know there is a special chemistry of More in store.
    If you're not sure, wait on it. It may get awkward if you say anything and blow it if you see that it isn't so. However, if you are getting a sign for sure that things are more serious as the years go on, then face to face is the best way to go when you want to even give her a helpful hint-----How I feel.
    Good luck. xx


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