Is there secretly way more men in the world than women or something?

It seems like every single woman I meet is taken, whereas loads of guys aren't.

If I look down my Facebook friends list like 80-90% of women are in relationships, whereas around 40-50% of guys are.

If you look on online dating there is vastly more men looking to meet someone than women. The same is true for other places you'd meet other single people, like bars or nightclubs.

It really feels like there is 5 or so guys competing for each single woman, which is probably why unattractive guys like me find it so difficult to find anyone. I've been actively looking for a relationship on and off for 2 years now, its getting a little ridiculous.

Why are women so much more in demand than men?

I can see why this occurs in casual relationships (ie one night stands, friends with benefits, ect), since so many more men are interested in these than women. But isn't the majority of both genders interested in dating?

Is there a group of women who just hide away and don't attempt/want to date at all? Or are there just more men for some other reason?


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  • There's about an equal number of men and women.
    Guys tend to put themselves out there more when they're single.
    Plenty of women say they are in a relationship online to avoid all the guys trying to hit on them.
    Also guys are probably more inclined to say they're single and seek out other prospects while actually being in a relationship. Well, girls may equally seek out other prospects but they're far more discrete about it at least

    • This sounds about right. Still seems like there shouldn't be twice as many single men as women though lol.


      For the u. s. there's the info on male to female ratio.

      But I totally understand where you're coming from. Women definitely have it better as far as partner selection

    • Hey thank you for most helpful buddy.

      If you are looking to date someone, you might have better luck aiming for this:

      Single moms, they often just want a stable male in their life

      Older women (mid-late 20s or early 30s), they're a bit more mature and often look at qualities beyond physical appearance

      Non-westernized or foreign women, sometimes just cultural differences can help

      Race other than your own, because there's a certain exotic factor involved which can be favorable

      Also you might have some success using sites like POF or similar. I have some buddies that are really un attractive but have had great success with those.

      I'm assuming that's your goal is to find a gf, if not my apologies

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  • It isn't a secret... there are significantly more men in the world than women as in a lot of cultures male is the preferred sex and often times women will get ultrasounds to find out the gender of their child and if it is a girl than she will abort...

    • I don't think that's the issue since I live in the UK lol.

      I remember reading about how a huge proportion of children in China are male though, that's not going to work out well in the long run.

    • Depends on how many immigrants you have and how much of their culture they still have. Another thing is that as women become more and more educated they do not find relationships as important and tend to focus more on their careers.

  • It just seems like there are more girls because the attractive girls that guys go after are more noticeable, and the plain girls are just hidden away.

    • Hidden where? I'm happy with plain girls. I just don't meet any single plain girls.

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    • Find them where though?

    • That's something I don't know

  • You filter out the less desirable girls and don't even notice they're there. So you compare ALL the guys to only the most desirable females.

    • No. What evidence do you have of this?

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    • No. If women were only getting messaged by creeps they'd be quick to reply to normal messages from other guys. They aren't.

    • I'm saying that many stop using them quickly altogether outside of the super adventurous. Which also skews the data. Online dating is really better for older people, I'd guess though.

  • Is the first question you ask a girl if they have a boyfriend? Most girls will say yes in fear that you're a creep, but will let you know that they're single later on if they think you're cool.
    Reason being when most girls are approached by guys and asked if they're single and they admit that they are usually the guy think that means they can bother the girl all night no matter what. The girl just lost her best exit strategy if she doesn't like the guy. Now, if the girl says she's taken it allows her to still have casual conversation with the guy and get to know the guy better and decide whether or not she likes him without him shoving pick up lines down her throat.

    This is personally what I do when I'm single I suspect that other girls do the same as well because sadly there are way too many guys out there that won't take the hint or go away unless A) you have a boyfriend B) you're a psycho bitch to him. There are too many guys who will just keep trying to pick you up even though you've made it 120% clear that it's never going to happen so if you say that you're single you've covered your ass. You can always come back later and say you broke up or you were only casually dating, but for those extra persistent guys who don't know how to take no for an answer there's no going back and saying that you have a boyfriend (because for some reason "I have a boyfriend" or "I'll call the police/cut you" are the only forms of rejection some stupid guys will take)

    • I don't go around asking girls if they have a boyfriend.

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  • There are about a million more women in the UK

    I find there are more women wanting relationship and more men wanting sex.

  • You are just guessing and relying on face judgments.

    I was in a city in South America where there were 1 million women between the ages of 18 - 29 in a city of 7 million people total population. Look at the numbers this is 3 women for every 1 man and the reason I just have to sit on the beach to meet a woman. I broke up with one woman at 11 and after lunch on my way back to the beach had a woman stop me for a survey and she became my girlfriend later that week.

    Women do and think different than men. There are only a few attractive women in the USA so the demand for the few who are advertized on TV are in high demand. Outside the States the women are more attractive and take better care of themselves, the food is better and the attitude is better out side the states.

    The population in the USA is about 50/50 with very little population growth. Ugly women are screwing like crazy producing large volumes of not so bright or intellegint kids.

    • Sounds great, which city? Haha.

      I'm in the UK, but I guess much of the culture is the same, since we have very similar media and entertainment due to the common language.

  • Last time I checked the total percentage of the gender divide was 52% in the world were women and 48% were men. So no, I don't think there is secretly way more men in the world. And I can't really say that it seems that way around here, since to me it seems that more women are looking for a relationship than men are. That being said, I know a few guys who don't think dating and relationships are worth it etc. while I don't know any woman that thinks that way. So at least around here, there are more single women than men. In my opinion anyway.

    • Well those extra women are mostly old ladies since women live longer on average lol.

      So on Finnish dating sites are there vastly more women than men? I doubt it somehow. Might have to learn Finnish if its true lol.

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    • I don't mind undesirable women, within reason. And I was joking about the language haha. I think I'm right in saying its basically a completely individual language and even very different to the other Scandinavian languages?

    • Scandinavian yes. The closes European languages would be Estonian and Hungarian.

  • It's your age.

    The girls your age are being pursued by men of all ages. So there is a huge supply/demand imbalance of 18-24 year old girls. But there's a slight imbalance the other way for all other women.

  • Last time I checked there were more girls, maybe you are in a male dominated city?

    • There are not more girls. There are more old ladies since women live longer.

  • I was wondering the same buddy...
    Well, not anymore...

  • Pretty sure there are way more women in the area I'm in

  • 80/20 rule.

    • The 80/20 rule is fine for explaining hook ups. Doesn't work for relationships unless the 20% of men each have 4 girlfriends.

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    • @ScruffyNerfHerder
      You are coming off completely retarded. There is no way that 20% of men have 4 girlfriends each on average. For every one of them that sticks to one woman another would have to have 7 girlfriends at once. That makes fuck all sense.

    • @ASIOAF
      Wow, you are really in the dark. Educate yourself. For starters, check out this link to another GaG thread: