How do we get to the next step?

So I've been dating this guy for about 2 months or so, we see each other about 1 day - 1 day 1/2, a week. We both work a lot and I'm also in school. But anyways. It's been going great, our dates are great, our doing nothing is great and so is the sex. He's mentioned future plans and has asked if I was going to keep him around a while, and says he likes me, clearly.. he also says I'm different than all the girls in his past, I'm easy to satisfy. All I want is honesty, and a man who's good to me, who we can do stuff together and separate, he gets it too! But says one thing is going to have to change, and that's me liking, or at least getting used to him doing nice things for me. He says he doesn't get why I don't like it. It's not that I dont, I'm just not used to it, nor do I feel like it's necessary, gifts and stuff. It is appreciated, but I've been that way my whole life. But anyways, How do we get to the next step, where we are actually exclusive? I have no need to rush it, things are great how they are, but I have considered wanting this exclusively, how do I know if he wants that too?


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  • honestly, this sounds like a simple answer but I would say just tell hime you want to be officially exclusive. Be upfront about it or it may not end up going anywhere, you never know, he may be wondering the same thing

    • This is right. Guys are simple. Just him outright.

    • oops just TELL him outright!

    • Thanks! I just have trouble opening up. And also bringing up that subject of what we're doing and where were going, and suggestions on how to start it?

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