He told me he was lucky to have me in his life while on pain killers?

So a guy i've been dating for about a month (haven't officially labeled it bf/gf yet) went in for a second jaw surgery to fix some things but was on some pretty hard pain killers. He texted me that he wished I was with him (he went to away for the surgery) and that he was lucky to have me in his life.

Does he really mean this? I mean, his texting was pretty awful spelling wise because of the pain killers and I'm not sure he was completely there.

Do you think when he comes back would be a good time to have the bf/gf talk? Do you think he meant what he said?

He's never texted/said anything like that to me before.. He's said that he only wants to be with me, but nothing exactly like that before.


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  • I guess its kind of like when someone is drunk, sometimes their true feelings come out or are enhanced from the alcohol.

    It sounds like you wete on his mind and thats why he contacted you so thats a good sign.

    I would say take it, let it make you happy (because its always nice when they think of you and tell you) but maybe wait until he's off pain meds and just keep checking in with him to see how he is going? From their you would be able to get a better gauge of when would be a good time for the bf/gf talk.


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  • Drunk or high speech has been proven in studies to be our thoughts that we normally keep inside.

    • link to the studies? I'd actually kinda like to read those.

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  • I think he wishes he had somebody who would be there for him through this difficult time. A guy with such a big problem will probably not cheat on you any time soon.

    • I'm not worried about cheating or anything. But is it just wanting someone to be there for him or actually wanting me there? Because i felt like it kinda just startled me a bit ( I liked it don't get me wrong, i liked it alot). But, like I said he's never said anything like that before.

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