Why is he randomly texting me?

Long story short, I decided to take a step back from this guy that I was talking and seeing for 2 months. I found out that he was choosing between girls but telling me I'm the only one and I just don't trust him anymore. We had conversation of what we want in terms of relationship and we just weren't on the same page. However, he expressed that he still wants me back. But, right after that, his attitude changed towards me and he's not being sweet anymore. I actually find him a little rude sometimes but sometimes he is funny so I do reply him.

He's now in a habit of replying my text the next week or saying something random a week after. I would ignore his text and he would see it and text me saying how he got ignored. I understand that sometimes guys might just want to keep me on the line. However, if he's having casual dates with other girls and haven't been asking me out or wanting to see me, why is he even messaging me? I don't think he even care!

I decided to run away from him and to completely stop the communication however, just curious why? It's clear to see that he lost interest in me.


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  • He's a wolf, don't get eaten by following the other sheep to his slaughter


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