In your opinion what are some do's and don'ts when spending the night at a guy's house?

I am suppose to spend the night at a guy's house that I'm talking to this weekend. He use to have his own place but he moved back in with his parents for a few months until he gets back on his feet. For some reason I'm a little nervous. I know his mom will probably be there and that would be my first time meeting her. I don't know who else lives in the house with him besides his mother. I really like him and I don't want his mom to think of me in a bad way. She's probably wondering who I am. I guess her opinion of me matters since I like her son. I'm not sure if he has talked about me to his mom or not. He told me that she wouldn't have a problem with me spending the night at the house. I know we'll be sleeping in the same room in the same bed. I know he'll probably want to have sex. I'm kind of hoping his mom isn't home when that happens lol I can't help being loud. In your opinion what are some do's and don'ts when spending the night over a guys house for the first time? And does him bringing me to his house mean anything significant?


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  • Don't look his mom In the eye when you tell her about your relationship. It's a challenge. And challenge accepted for mom

    • I don't know what to tell her about our relationship though.

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  • Do have fun. Don't get pregnant.

    • lol that's a good one, thanks =)

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    • He told me about her before. He said she was a hard working woman and raised him by herself. And he said she curses a lot sometimes. He also said she likes movies. lol

    • And he also said she could be a little protective like most good parents are but lets him make his own choices.

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