Does he like me? What do I do?

my friend knows this guy and i met him and i really like him and he would flirt with me but i thought he was just being nice. So one day i went to my friends house and we were playing mario cart and just messing around and the week before in the car he put his head on my lap and was talking to me. So after we got bored he wanted to watch a movie. so were watching all piled ontop eachother and im laying on his chestish. so 20 mins into the movie he starts to grab my hand and i could feel his heart racing REALLY fast so i look up at him and he has this smirk he always has and just keeps watching the movie. s the whole time were watching the movie were holing hands and arm was around me and he started to pull up my shirt a little bit then he put his hand on my back. he started to slowly move his hand down i was wearing yogas so i had that band on my waist and he started to put his hand slightly SLIGHTLY like one finger in the band part. and his heart was racing so hard and we were just sitting there awkwardly and after i went to his game and i had 0 clue what to do what should i do?


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  • It ses that you're both comfortable with each other so, tell him Im sure he might like it


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