Finances and attractiveness?

How does a man's finances impact his attractiveness?

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  • Men are horny dogs.
    Women are gold diggers.

    These are tasteless stereotypes but... they are there because they are mostly true. While men will say "we value a women's mind and personality matters," i've seen countless men overlook very bad personalities for a good looking girl.

    A man's income isn't exactly "everything" however it certainly plays apart in her attraction to you.

    Just like Boobs are not everything... but they certainly do persuade you.


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  • being fiscally responsible is attractive. being incompetent in that department is infuriating. i will have my shit together. i expect him to have his shit together.

  • When my boyfriend and I got together he was completely broke. I mean like I paid for the first date broke but he went out and got a job and I haven't paid for anything since. That determination is so sexy.

  • I am not purely love for a guy to get his money, but it is more attractive for me if a guy is also financially stable. Think first before making a decision. How I can buy my needs and wants if money is always running out or mostly limited to even basic needs? Having a stable career with enough savings and investments aside from a good looking guy and being fashion updated would be a better deal.

    I don't wish to fall in love with a poor guy, meaning having lazy or if his income is not yet sufficient for his family to live by and stability as well. It is not wise and practical these days as times are getting harder.


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