Why is he being that way?

Okay I don't understand something. The guy who I have been seeing is married but has recently separated from his wife and he really likes me a lot but at the same time he sometimes tells me that I should hook up with a guy at the bar or make out with a guy or what ever. I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice as to why he is being that way?


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  • Hmm im curious to know this too, im in a. similar not quite. the. same situation.. the guy i like clearly flirta but. then pushes. me away by saying things like dont trust me.. etc.. it almost sounds. like he's tell me to go seek a boyfriend elsewhere.. weird. Your guy sounds like he is interested but then is in doubts and pushes u away to figure his own situation, sounds. like. he. doesn't want to. hold u back.


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  • He sort of likes you but sees that you like him more than he does you. He likes that you are someone he can talk to and gain confidence that he can still attract women during his divorce But he feels guilty so he;s trying to push you away by offering you the advice to go out and date other men while he tries to figure his divorce out.

    • When I say separated I mean she walked out of the house and is living elsewhere. They are not legally separated. Don't know if that changes your opinion at all.

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