Based on the details given, can someone tell me why she said" If you would like to hang out as friends, that would be great?

So I met this girl online and after two weeks, we decided to hang out and meet each other in person. We went to a nice place and grabbed a drink then we ate dinner after. I felt that everything went well. We both had fun and got to know each other better. There was no awkwardness and we even went out for a walk after. We made jokes and talked about her family , career, friends, work, school, hobbies and interest. When I got home, I messaged her saying that I had a great time with her and looking forward to seeing her again. She messaged me back saying that she also had fun and I seem like a really nice guy and if I like to hang out with her as friends, that would be great.

What does that mean?
Is it a good idea to hang out with her again and get close to her?


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  • Even though you guys had a great time she seems to only want a friendship for at least now.. The best way to start a relationship is starting by friends

    • No way. 'Friends first' is probably the stupidest way for a guy to go about a girl in whom he's interested. Its very difficult, if not impossible, for guys to get out of the friendzone. And more often than not, the time and efforts required to accomplish 'mission impossible' is not really worth it.

    • That makes perfect sense:) thanks. So how long should I wait to ask her if she wants to hang out again?

    • I've only dated guys I was friends with first because the relationship you build is a lot stronger! Do something fun! Maybe go to a haunted place or pumpkin patch. It's cute and a way for you to get close but not over doing it

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  • It's her nice way of saying she doesn't want to date you, not interested in you in a romantic way.


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  • It means she has put you in the dreaded 'friendzone', and won't date you even if her life depended on it. She is just trying to tell you that in a polite way, without sounding nasty.

    Be happy at least that she was upfront about it, and didn't lead you on for months like most girls do.