Why does he still get on the dating site where we first met?

I will admit I am a bit insecure, I guess that's why I am asking this question in the first place. My boyfriend and I met 2 months ago on a site called Webdate, we totally hit it off from the start. I have met his family, they love me and he has met mine they also really like him. He is a great guy, opens the door for me, pulls out my chair to sit down but there is still something that is nagging me and totally stressing me out. He still logs on almost daily to the dating site where we met, after we got together I changed my profile to say "currently dating" and made sure to say I was with someone and only looking for friends. One of the things that bugs me is that as his status is still says "never married" but he did change some of his info to say "Only looking for friends now that I found a great girl" maybe that should reassure me but it doesn't. I guess I wonder why he needs to get on there at all, I feel like he is still looking for something better so that he can leave me. I had a thought last night that maybe I could test him and make up a person and create a profile around it and see if he responds to me. So my question is Am I over reacting or do I have cause for concern? Should I ask him about it? Any advice would be helpful.


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  • I think the guy is clearly stuck on you. But, you know, these online networking sites kindof turn into a habit that becomes difficult to leave. You should not get worried, just talk to him and tell him what is worrying you. Because you are not communicating the problem to him, its bothering you so much. Get it out of you system.

    • I do agree I need to talk to him about it, he already knows I am insecure and I think that to much more of me being insecure about things is just going to push him away...so I am kind of worried that talking to him about this is going to make him think I really don't trust him at all.

    • See, if you are so scared of something ruining your relationship, then sad but true.. something will. I don't think it is too big a thing that you want the both of you to ditch the dating sites. The more you think about it , the bigger the problem will seem.

      i agree with redhead babygirl.

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  • i might just be habit: "Only looking for friends now that I found a great girl" is fairly clear (don't know how obvious that is to people)

    he might just need something else to occupy him: it's easy to fall into habits of going back to the same sites online.

    good luck


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  • If you're in a relationship, it's time for both of you to ditch the dating sites (regardless of what you're looking for). it will ease the tension in your relationship and help you build up trust, which seems pretty fragile at this stage or your relationship. Just let him know that you're doing it out of love and loyalty to him, and you would expect no less from him.

    Good luck!

  • Definitely ask him about it and perhaps share your concerns as well.