Am I thinking over this to much or does it mean anything?

So basically i dated a guy and we had an amazing time together, everything was great. The only problem was that he didn't live in my town and he traveled aloot, with work and school, so i didn't get to see him so often.
Than suddently things got heavy and he began contacting me less, and when i asked him about it he told me he had a lot going on and he wasn't looking for anything serious at the moment because he didn't have the time for it. So we decided to just be friends, he told me i was a cool girl.. what is a cool girl?

Anyways 6 months of not talking to eachother, only "likes" on Facebook was his communication towards me, he one day in September contacted me and told me he had moved to my town and that we should meet.

I met him and as usual we had an amazing time together and a lot of fun (no sex).

Basically my question is, he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious and he could have easily walked away, did he look at me as a girlfriend material? and as the serious girl? cause he could have told me he wasn't interested if he didn't really like me at all? He has also been in a 6 year relationship in the past, and now again in December for 3 months he is moving to another country to do charity work.

Im thinking if he really didn't like me he wouldn't have contacted me?


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  • Doesn't seem like it's the right time in his life for you guys to be dating each other if that's what you want. He does seem to have taken an interest in you, but I wouldn't spent too much time worrying about it. You can meet and hang out, but I'd say to be open minded about it and treat him as a friend. You might meet a great guy later down the line, someone who is in the right time to be dating you :).


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  • Even if i looks at you as girlfriend material , he really can't fully commit to the relationship, because of his busy schedule. That's why he is treating you as a friend, and he can't really do anything about it. He seems like he is interested, but he can't really do anything with all the work

    • So not like the one above "playing me" ? and i think you are right, because he is super nice to me but he never has the time to really meet me and be with me and i totally understand because if we do spend time together we would go back to "dating" and i really dont want to fall for him knowing he doesn't have the time to commit.. so maybe for now its best to stay away?

    • Stay as friends, if you like... he isn't playing with you since he didn't mention dating you, and made it clear that he dosent have the time to comit