How do I approach a girl i'v been chatting for a week but never talked face to face? How do I act?

We been texting for about a week or two. And we talk about all kinds of stuff, but never talked face to face because she is always with her friends and I can't get enough courage to approach her. Help


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  • First. Invite her out.
    Second. act the way you've been acting when you talk to her. Don't try to act like you are someone else
    Third. She likes you already, otherwise wouldn't be texting you for 2 weeks.


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  • First of all you should make clear that you want to take a step forward in your relationship to her.

    Then you should ask her if she wants the same or not.

    • Yeah but first i have to talk to her in face to face, but i can't find i right moment. And she has boyfriend, but they are not doing very well, he is not giving her any attention and etc.