I texted my ex about meeting up. He ignored my text. What do I do now?

My ex bf and I had a disagreement over text three weeks ago or while he was abroad. He told me needed time to think over our relationship, because he didn't want to tell me he was fine first, then change his mind and eventually hurt me.

I told him that if that was what he wanted, then I wished him all the best. Three days went by and he texted me again, saying he felt "strange" and that he cared about me and felt nice when he was talking to me. I suggested meeting up and talking through things, once he got back. He agreed that it was the best decision.

A week went by and the day after he got back, I decided to text him to hear how he was doing. We texted back and forth a bit, mainly about uni, work etc. I didn't mention meeting up, until he did. He said "we could meet during the weekend if you like" and I suggested meeting this Saturday.

He didn't text me a time that we should meet and today is Friday. I therefore decided to text him in the morning, by saying "hey.. are we meeting tomorrow or are you not feeling it?", mainly because I got a weird vibe from him. I mean, he would tell me a time and place if he really wanted to right?

He read my last message, but hasn't responded yet.

So, is it clear to say that he doesn't want to meet up and that I'm just pressuring him? What do I do now? I've decided not to text him anymore..


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  • Just like Facebook or any other digital means of communication, don't think a lack of response means something definite. Don't try and interpret it as to mean anything. Just give him time, and if he doesn't respond by later tonight, text him again.

    Don't overthink things. And whatever you two decide about your relationship, make sure that it's the best for the both of you. If both of you don't want to make the relationship work and both work on it equally, it's best to break it off.

    I wish you well wherever this all goes :)

    • Thanks for your advice. I'll wait until tonight and if he doesn't respond, then I guess he doesn't really want to meet up. I don't want to put a lot of pressure on him, although I do want to make the relationship work.

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  • Yeah just move your mind on to something else, go do your own thing for awhile. He'll come back, even if he doesnt, its not meant to be.

    Never mess with Ex's

  • get over him best thing you can do

  • Follow that instinct. Stop texting him.


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