How would you react it you thought a relationship was exclusive, but the person you were seeing did not?

First I'm not talking about open relationship, I am simply talking about dating. I've seen this kind of thing happen before and even happen it happen to me. Sometimes one person in a relationship just assume that it's exclusive and doesn't talk with the person they're seeing about it. Then later find out they don't feel the same way about the relationship and then are hurt and get mad at the other person. You can't really blame the other person because you just assume something without asking.


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  • As the female, and the one more likely to want something more serious/exclusive, I never assume we are until he's said so. Preferably, been the one to bring it up. I have made this assumption before when an ex and I got back together, and it hurt tremendously when I found out otherwise.

    Now, I assume we are open unless otherwise stated by him. I don't actively go out looking to date many guys at the same time, but I will be open to it unless exclusivity is discussed. I feel this is part of the incentive in him committing to me.


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  • someone has to say it and the other person has to confirm or you aren't exclusive

    • Ideally that's what is supposed to happens, but it doesn't almost half the time.

    • trust me i understand im inexclusive limbo right now ):)

  • I thought I was dating someone going on dates well one night we ran into someone he knew and introduced me as this is my girlfriend

    • Any awkwardness there?

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    • Not all girls are like that. But really I never get how a guy or girl can just assume something like that without actually talking about it.

    • I guess that's true... That's how I am anyways never assume anything.. Lol

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  • If I'm in such a situation, I don't really blame the other person or get mad. I just walk out out the relationship the very next moment and solve the problem once and for all.

    • And that one of the mature ways to happen it. Not a lot of people would do that.

    • Thank you. If you felt a strong enough connection with someone that you believed you were exclusive, but that person didn't, it means they're not as invested in you emotionally so they're not really worth your time, emotions or efforts. Getting mad with them or blaming them won't get you anywhere, nor will it make them exclusive to you. Instead, just brush them off and tell yourself "Its his/her loss, not mine".

    • Personally I would say it's anyone's loss. You both probably just incompatible or On is moving fasting into the relationship than the other. Which I why I think it's best to talk about where you stand instead of just assume.

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