How would crush act if they got jealous?

I was at class and this guy was acting goofy and silly and was making me laugh. Then when i looked up i saw my crush looking at me very seriously. That happened twice that night. i almost felt stupid because the way he was looking at me. Do you think he got jealous? He didn't even glance once at the guy but was staring only at me (longer than 4 sec). Maybe it wasn't jealousy?


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  • I would assume your crush would maybe distance himself a little bit from you because of what he saw. make it seem like he is not interested. but the stare? I have no idea lol. maybe he wasn't even realizing he was staring.

    • no he was starin trust me lol he stares. at me al time. I even kinda raised my eyebrows once. and he tilted his head up sayin whats. up in acknowledgment so trust me its legit (when he tilted his. head up was during another encounter not when this. dude. was flirting with me)

    • oh okay so he stares regularly, hahaa. maybe he is crushing on you a bit and that is still him being normal at the same time

    • yea maybe he was jus doin his usual. stare lol he just looked more intense than usual. after me and that dude were gettin along lol or thats what i. thought lol thanks!

  • When I get jealous, I usually try and avoid the girl until the jealousy passes, it only takes several minutes to dissipate after an intense burning sensation in my stomach.


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