She confuses me sometimes? What should I do?

I met this girl in school. She is 19 and im 21 she a very innocent girl and has never had a boyfriend. She told me and i can tell by the way she acts. We talk every other day and at the begging i could feel that she was more interested in me but the other day we went out the second time i go out with her she was good we talked hold hands and had a good time. i told her that i liked her and she said that she said that liked me too at the beginning i used to tell her how beautiful she was and she was amazed but now when i send her a sweat text message she just like thank you.. sometimes when we text i feel that she has lost a bit of interest. What do you think, is it just me or could we just not be meant for each other? I liked her more every time i see her. I only known her for 3 weeks.


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  • Since you've only known her for 3 weeks... give it time or due to her ways that are confusing you-let her go.


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