How do you think she feels about me?

Just to give you a run down. We've dated for a few months 2 years ago and it didn't go anywhere because she had to deal a lot with her past.

We met up again a year ago to talk about what happened between us and I admitted to her that I wanted more with her at the time, I just didn't feel she wanted a relationship yet since she went through a lot, and that I didn't want to be pushy. Then she told me that she wished I would of said something, but I was confused because when she said that, because she came out from being bi to gay a few months before we had this talk. After that talk she told me we'll talk more. A couple weeks later her birthday comes up and I give her a present and I went in and kissed her. The thing is I felt her back away a little and we just hugged after that, so I just respected the fact that she's gay.

Fast forwarding now we've been spending a lot of time together over the summer but as friends. We flirt around quite often and honestly we've connected a lot more than we did the first time talking, we literally know a lot of deep parts of ourselves we wouldn't tell anyone else. But I'm a bit confused of it all because I kind of feel like she has something for me but I don't want to speculate anything. She plans to go do things with me all the time that she doesn't do with anyone else. We're going to Vegas next week for her birthday, our first rave at the end of the month, she even asked me to go to Oregon with her, and she wants to go into business with me, and she's very supportive.

I'm sure she knows I have some feelings for her, so why does she want to do so much with me? It feels like it's growing into something but I don't want to lead myself on, but in any case we do so much together and connect as if we were heading into a relationship. What do you think about this? Maybe I'm just a good friend? Because I want to back off a little so I don't grow any attachments with her.


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  • let stuff happen when it happens im sure whatever happens with her you won't regret it even if you get attach to her from the sounds of it you guys are growing closer together and in time if it develops into more then it does i feel like this girl is worth it for you to reach out to her and wanna do more with her

    • Thanks for the advice, I really do think she's worth it. Like the way we open to one another about things we hide from others, and accept one another so easily for it, makes me feel really close to someone for once. She even admits she only acts this way with me when we mess around talk. Again I don't know anyone else I've come across where I've been able to connect like this, so I'm hoping for the best for us. She wants plan even more things for us and I'm always readily up for it.

    • your welcome hun have a great day :)

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