Do I ask for another date or wait on him?

So a week ago, we went out on a date. He said he enjoyed it and asked if I would wanna do it again, I said yes and he said "Good good". But we haven't planned another date yet. He was really busy this past week, so I haven't asked, and we haven't even text since Monday :( Should I wait for him to plan the next date, or should I ask "hey wanna get together *insert day*?" ? This is my first boyfriend and I dont wanna be clingy.

It was our third date.


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  • Decision making is a difficult job for guy or girl. If he was really busy - he will respond as soon as he find the time to invite you. Second date will be a serious matter to decide about keeping or turning off relation. Be confident and true to your heart. You may suggest some place and time inviting him for second date - it is now natural and my give clue him that you like him.


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