What should I do about my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is hanging out with this guy that is shady and does drugs and everyone knows he does but my boyfriend so occasionally I am like why are you hanging out with him? and he talks **** about him sometimes so i thought i could question it. So for 20 min on the phone he yells at me and tells me everything I do wrong and talk to me so badly and told me that was the worst conversation he had all day. Yet he did like all the yelling and talking I just kinda disagreed. I don't get why he has to yell at me over a sentence i said. He could of just been nicer instead of giving me an attitude for 20 min and ranted on about how I suck. It makes me upset and I don't know what to do... If i cry he only gets mad. This kid isn't even that interesting every time we chill with him he goes and does drugs and almost passes out. I don't know what he is like with my boyfriend. Yeah what i said was kinda bitchy but he shouldn't rant and say mean things for 20 min until his phone dies.


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  • He's a crazy ass mother fucker I woulda beat his ass. Cut that bitch off break up with him that I sign of a bad relationship. Never mix a boy with drugs and a relationship. It always ends badly, my advice breakup with him your beautiful and deserve better! <3


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  • BF still loves you BUT
    he won't even you get in his way in this "very important" adventure into drugs-land.
    As these drugs become more important than life itself,
    he'll use even harsher terms on you/anyone
    that becomes as hurtle, holds up a mirror, speaks judgments, illuminates the horrors
    of this path
    so much does he THINK he can dabble in it, then walk away unscathed.

    It will take more than just you to
    and him changing enough to make reform stick.

    The others are correct if you don't want a nightmare of nursing him while being whipped...

  • You show him the door.


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