Is 1 week too long to go without talking to someone you went out with?

Last month I met a great guy. We met while he was on break from med school and went out on 2 great dates. I thought we really hit it off. We laughed and joked and talked and I felt like I could be myself around him. We agreed to see each other again upon his return. He said he had a fun time with me and we should keep in touch and meet up when he comes back. This is all good but we don't talk much.

I was super paranoid at first so I'd text him every 3-4 days or so (text one day, not text 3 days, text again).

I can go a few days without talking but a whole week seems odd to me. I initiate most of the texting and we have brief conversations about TV shows and random things. I realized that might be annoying after a while, so I backed off and decided not to text him for a week. However, he hasn't said a word to me. Before we met in person we didn't talk much either and that always felt weird to me because I'm a talker; it's how I show interest. I had a feeling that he really liked me but it's hard to tell with all this silence.

I'm afraid I'll never hear from him again on his own volition. I want to get to know him, but I don't wanna push it any more than I may have (which may have not been much at all).

Am I buggin? Is a week not such a big deal? We're NOT bf & gf so there's no obligation. Is not talking for a week normal? A week is just long for me and it feels like rejection.

I know he's busy with his studies and I am too. We're both enrolled in intense programs, though his is far tougher than mine!! We're miles apart, he lives HOURS away... I just hope to see him again and I'd like to express that I want to talk more but I don't meant to force anything, nor do I think I have the license to ask of such a thing seeing as though we've only gone out on 2 dates. I'm really trying to be "normal" and chill about this.

What to do? Any advice?


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  • Don't force anything. He's most likely busy, and being that you're so far away it's got to be a little bit of a drag for him. Perhaps he just wants to be friends... most likely this may be the case. Don't get down on yourself it be that way, just know that maybe it's the distance. Just try to keep busy, i know what it's like when you really like a guy and you're wondering why they aren't communicating via text or what not.. It drives ya crazy and your mind is constantly wondering. Maybe the timing just isn't right. Time will tell...

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