How do I know if the shy guy likes me back?

Around a week ago we went on a religious school trip. I'm an atheist but I still went I started to talk to a boy in my class who also turned out to be an atheist. We hit it off my friends and his friends think that. He went red when his friend mentioned that he 'liked me' . We spent the whole day together. We have spoken since the trip but not a lot. He stared at me a lot in class but I have noticed him staring at me a lot now. He is very shy and so am I and I think we're afriad to talk to each other. I really like him and one of my friends have noticed. How can I talk to him without feeling awkward and how do I know if he likes me back? Please help I really do like him


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  • Alright high fives, atheists all around.
    Okay so he is too shy too talk to you so what you're going to have to do is initiate this whole thing first.
    The first step is to get a nice conversation going. Considering you both share the same religious beliefs that might be a good topic to ride on. Next step is to ask him if he likes you more than a friend. Now by asking this you have forced him to give you an answer, and he will most likely say yes and be relieved and glad you asked him. Final step is to either let him ask you out around that time or just give him a hug followed by the phrase "awww" and or give him a peck on the cheek. This always pulls the guys in. Make sure you do all this in person. If you were to ask over text then it would be like it never happened and it will be really awkward for you both.

    I hop I helped! If you have any questions just follow me and shoot me a message ^_^


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