Oh my gosh. I'm so nervous!

I'm going on a date.. with my parents.. to Starbucks!
I met this guy online and I like him a lot, and he likes me. We decided to meet, and we are really close (as in distance)
My parents decided to meet him, and he's actually not nervous (lies though.. Hahah!)
So when I get there. I'm going to wait outside for him, and when I see him. I just know I'm going to say Hi and smile and hug him. Then I'm going to walk in with him to Starbucks and we'll order a drink and talk about things.
My parents won't be there for long.. so AAH. I'm nervous. Luckily there is a mall in our area. But it's an open outside mall and it's going to be cold.
I don't know what to talk about to him. I'm so NERVOUS.
Yet so excited.
Advice would be great! :) I don't know if we're going to kiss. But my stomach is in knots.
We're both 17


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  • Just be careful cause meeting someone online is high risk, i wish you the very best but there
    is 50/50 chance of meeting someone who is trust worthy, caring, down-to-earth as i tell
    every young person 80% of people off the Internet have some major issues so just use
    good judgement.

    • Thanks! :)
      We met. Things worked out perfectly.
      He was very nice and very sweet to my parents.

    • Awe happy for you
      You're welcoome:)
      Thanks for Most Helpful Opinion :)

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  • Thats weird, parents on a first date. Usually i would like to get to know a girl as a girlfriend before i met the parents.

  • Jst tell him how u feel he's probably feeling the same thing cuz when ur honest with him it be easy for a conversation to start n jst go with the flow n keep calm n when u tell a guy that ur nervous it's cute so jst be ur safe n keep calm jst dont over do it

  • does he like sports? if so try talkin to him about a sport.

    • Don't follow this advice :P That would be a good way to make the date boring.

      You have to go with the flow and don't force subjects to talk about like for example "music" "sports" "cars" or whatever it might be.

    • sorry just trying to give options.

    • did you go on your date yet?

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