Why is her reply to my date invitation text so ambiguous?

I work with an adorably shy Indain girl in my office. I finally asked her out to coffee last week and to my delight she agreed! She explained prior she would have to catch a train, which gave us only 15 minutes together, but I enjoyed it! Despite what I perceived as quietness/shyness, I felt like I was getting a bit of positive feedback from her and no negative feedback at all.

Then, I texted her the next day saying I had a lot of fun talking to her and asked how she'd feel about going again next week.

Her response: "Lets talk Monday after work. Just meet me outside the building"

I agreed, but I don't know her well enough to tell if this is a good message or a bad one! What does it mean?

Which of the options bellow seems closest to her thoughts behind the message?

  • Yes, I liked talking to you. I'm accepting your invitation to chat more this week, but since I have a train to catch every day lets make the most of our time and just talk outside the building instead of walking in the opposite direction to Starbucks.
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  • I'm not interested in the attention you're trying to give me. I'd rather we stick with just being friends at work but instead of texting you that I'm planning to tell you in person.
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  • Its nice that you're interested in me, but I have a complicated situation to explain to you before this goes any further.
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  • Other: (Post comment please)
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  • If there was no negative feedback then you should worry. She either was busy, or has a favorite hanging out spot outside the building, or she wants to decide together when you are out of the building. There is nothing to worry about.

    • Hope you're right. Thanks for the input!

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