Is it normal for a girl to take a long time to text you? (Girls preferably please thx)

I honestly dont get it every time we talk we always look deep into each other's eyes and everything we flirt we talk about various subjects but 3 days ago I gave her my number and told her if you ever want to talk text or call me, well the day after she said her sister threw my number away so I thought no big deal and I asked if I should just put my number on her phone and she said yes. But she still hasn't texted me its weird I think Im over thinking it too much maybe she wants to test on how I react or something if that's the case its cool I guess but I really need an answer again we still talk a lot and its pretty normal she doesn't give me a reason to question of whether she likes me pr not becuz she's been giving me signs but why not text me? thanks if u can answer this


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  • Maybe she's just nervous to text you?

    • From your experience do you think its better for a guy to ask you for your number or for the guy to give you his?

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    • Well.. one reason she might be a little worried of me is becuz guys always hit on her and so I thought oh she probably thinks Im one of those guys but after we talked about what we both liked and our exes and stuff like that and after that day I wouldn't need to come up and hug her becuz she came up and hugged me and I thought well she probably does this to every guy but in my group Shr only does that stuff to me so do you think she's interested but worried I might turn into a stalker or something?

    • Haha no. Not at all. Maybe she just has something going on or is just nervous to text you. Just give it some time and see what happens

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  • If you have her number she could want you to text her first

    If she has yours she could be:
    -not interested hence not texting and excuses
    -has her own thing going on
    -doesn't like texting
    -doesn't want to talk to anyone
    -following some kind of rule on waiting to text


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  • The society's norm has changed,
    Previously, men are the one who gets her phone number, and initiate phone calls.

    • So do you think I should ask her for it I feel like I might pose like a creep to her

    • If u both meet online, then that's different story, ur approach in this case is fine because u want to let her be comfortable with you.
      However, since you both meet face-to-face, it's better to grab her phone number.
      Girls are not usually initiate these things.

    • Oh ok I guess I'll try on Tuesday by the way enjoy your holiday well.. if you got Monday off

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