Signs a shy guy likes me?

I started talking to the shy guy in my year and he is really nice.
We got on really well but I notice when I was speaking to him one day he got really fidgety his palms were sweating and he leaned into my shoulder as we were sitting down. He has stared at me before but now he is doing it more often. His friends tease him about me and he goes red he also teases me and laughs when something funny happens to me. I'm too scared to strike up a conversation on Facebook as I'm afraid he doesn't like me. I'm shy as well and I really like this boy and I don't know what to do please help me


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  • Those signs show that he does like you! I think it'd be perfectly fine to talk with him on FB, nothing wrong with just having a conversation.

  • If he giggles or laugh a lot around you or nervous to talk to you then I think there is a possibility.


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