Asking out someone out of body type category?

So I'm a bigger guy, altho i recently lost a lot of weight i'm still 95kg & only 1m83 in height. Yet i'm extremely attracted to flat stomachs and more of the "petite" "thin" girls.

Now I know there's already a lot of topics and it's been said a lot of times that body types shouldn't be in the way of a relationship, yet i can't help but wonder.
Is this hypocritical of me?

And what would be the best way to go about it to ask a thinner girl out?
As for the girls who don't mind that their guy isn't all muscular and in perfect shape, what is it you like most and how would you prefer to be asked out?



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  • You like what you like, typically a woman wants to be smaller then her man so at least you've got that. just be confident and go after anyone your interested in. If you hit it off and have chemistry it won't matter if your out of shape.


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  • It's a preference. It doesn't make you a hypocrite.

    You're only a hypocrite if you think that a thinner woman deserves to be treated better than a bigger woman :)
    A thinner woman is still a woman. She deserves no less or no more respect than a bigger woman.

    General rules apply. Smile. Be confident. Be yourself.

    Don't ever apologise for your weight.

    Put her on a pedestal and I guarantee you, she will treat you like you are beneath her. Rather be her equal than kiss up to her.

    Make sure you know the difference between sucking up and paying a compliment.

    Good luck :)


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