Who do I choose?

I apologize in advance for how long this is:

So there is this guy, and I've been in love with him for 2 years. I fell for him one summer & was too scared to tell him because we hadn't seen each other for a few months while I was home from school. By the time I got up the guts to ask him out, he told me he had started seeing someone. We continued hanging out, & then we kissed. We talked about it & decided that it was nothing, but it kept happening, even after he got engaged. Last November, we had sex, & he was still with his girlfriend, so we agreed it wouldn't happen again, and after a pregnancy scare that ended up fine, we were very careful about not being alone.

I started dating another guy in December. & things have been wonderful, but we fight a good deal & I have been really frustrated with the relationship. I love him, but I really feel like he's way too immature... he argues with everyone who doesn't give him his way & he's very financially irresponsible, and I get really irritated with his immaturity.

Anyway, last night, my best friend-turned-fling (guy #1) mentioned that had we actually had a baby, it would have been born within the last few weeks, and we got to talking,and he told me that he really wished that we had actually had the baby & started a family, and were together, because he was in love with me. But then he said that he was avoiding dumping his current girl because he didn't want to start a fight, and that he wished he had known all along about how I had felt about him because he would have chosen me over anyone.

I don't know what to do know... I'm afraid to break up with my current boyfriend, even though I'm not exactly happy in the relationship, but at the same time, I am kind of afraid of losing the man I've been in love with for so long. I've loved him longer than I've even known who my current boyfriend is.

Can anyone give me advice about what the right choice is in a situation like this?

I decided to stay with my current boyfriend, who is now in the hospital with serious injuries from a car accident. After giving it a lot of thought, he's the only person I'd ever want to be with.


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  • You can't speak for 'ever'. :) Forever is a rather long time.

  • The right choice is your choice. If you can't decide, then don't decide.


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