He says he likes her and feel like something is there but he still chat with other women online?

I have a friend who is seeing someone that I am also close too. I caught him chatting online with other women. He is going through trying times right now. He says he wants a relationship with this girl but he's not there yet. He still spends a decent amount of time with her but he chats online. He says he has had his fair share of women and don't have any intention of meeting them bc he has someone else on his mind. Does that make sense to you? He says he just like chatting that's all. Should I be worried and tell her? He says I will mess things up and opening up a can of worms. He says she has nothing to worry about because he's just going through a phase and trying to get out of his old habits. He says it's the only way to keep him out of trouble until he's ready to be with her.


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  • I mean he's not in a relationship with her so he can do what he wants, it's none of her business.

    • True but I found out he was really doing it bc it felt like she was not pursuing him or want him around

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