This whole "guy vs girl" mentality in dating in 2014?

Something just doesn't feel right about dating in 2014. From all the stories, etc that I read, I don't know man... it just sounds so unfun and unromantic.

I have realized what it is. All these posts that I read, seem to have this "guy vs girl" mentality. Like instead of dating and letting feelings develop naturally and most importantly, the two going WITH each other, it seems like dating in 2014 has turned into a fucking game of "who can like the other the least", if you know what I mean. That's why I just can't seem to have a high opinion of dating these days in the US.

It's turned something that is supposed to be fun and romantic, into a fucking emotional head game - with all these rules, tactics, methods, etc. You got the PUA douchebags, again with that sort of mentality of teaching men how to manipulate women into bed.

Anyone else noticed this? Or am I just crazy?


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  • yes. thats basically why I'm still single. its too much trouble and childish

    • Yeah, this is mainly what I fear in regards to dating and getting a girlfriend.

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  • This has pretty much been my life. I have never been good at the game and usually get fed up with it after pursuing a girl for a little while. Essentially this is what I go through cyclically.

    1. Start crushing on nice cute girl
    2. Attempt to get to know her
    3. Play the texting game for a week and get fed up with read unanswered texts.
    4. Realize I'm fighting an uphill battle I'm never going to win
    5. I'm not going to try date anymore, unless a girl just falls into my lap I'm going to be alone forever.
    6. Finally start to feel good about myself again and stop having a pity party
    7. Have some fun for about a month
    8. Come back to the realization that I have no girlfriend and have yet to even kiss a girl
    9. Pity party returns
    10. Repeat steps 1-9

    I'm currently between 4 and 5 right now, which hopefully explains my long worded and sad response haha


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  • yes i did... i am actually doing this... hiding my feeling to my crush so i won't be embarrassed if he doesn't like me back.


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  • I think that a girl would rather a guy seduce her properly and be a gentleman than have a guy who has no skills and acts like an idiot when trying to pick her up. Woman like sex as much as guys do, they just are required to set higher standards so they don't get taken advantage of by the guy and outcasted by her friends for sleeping with everyone. They also enjoy the attention of being properly seduced. I think that in today's world you need to be a pua in order to get attention from the girls as there are a hundred or even thousand other guys an attractive girl could be with.

  • I totally agree. It's an infuriating mindfuck contest of unwritten rules, unwritten expectations, lies and pretending you want anything but an actual date.

    I wonder if the whole PUA thing has come about because of all this bullshit, that it's so infuriating that if we can't be honest, let's just be dirty and underhanded because at least that gets some results?

    • I am wondering if it's just better to forget that shit and just go with the flow.

      I am also wondering if the reason so many relationships don't work out these days is because they developed on the basis of game-playing rather than true mutual interest.

    • It does some to be a case of spoiled entitled princesses vs douchebag PUAs. All us normal people are just caught in the middle trying to find someone cute to hug at night and can't be sure if we can be normal about it or have to pull out some 'game' to entice the person who just caught our eye.

    • I know, right? lol

  • I no long want to date. I just want to be successful and then when I am able to support women in my life, then I'll consider dating.

    • Falling in love is one thing. Staying in love is another. And women are not going to stay with you if you're a broke ass scrub. Haven't you seen 'Gone Girl'?

    • Nor do they really give a shit how much money you have, is the other side of the pyridine since they can make their own money. All I know is that I know nothing about dating and nothing about women--and, maybe this is a bit selfish but that only person I am going to focus on right now is me and my relationship with God.

  • Agree. It sucks. Fuck this

  • Women are adults with brains. If PUAs are douchebags for 'manipulating' women into bed, what does that make women?

    Besides PUAs are rare. Women's main complaint now is that most men just aren't assertive enough. You can thank feminism for that