Why would he flirt with me if he doesn't want a relationship?

So I was dating a guy over the summer. I met him four years ago and we liked each other even then, but circumstances meant that we did not explore the possibility of a relationship back then. I ran into him again by chance a few months back and we got talking, and got on great (or so I thought). We were intimate but didn't go as far as to sleep together, and he made me laugh without trying. I really liked him and he liked me too, in fact I even met his parents and he met mine. Two days after coming over to my house, he said that he wanted to be honest with me in that he was not ready for a relationship, but that he wanted to remain friends because I was a lovely person.

So, I respected his choice and agreed that we should remain friends. Six weeks passed and we would speak once weekly or fortnightly, mainly initiated by him. Then, this week he asked if I'd like to hang out and catch up. He invited me to watch a movie, and I said yes. The thing is, the whole evening I spent with him he flirted with me. He complimented my hair, my outfit, he reminded me of stuff we'd done on our dates. He even tried to put his arm around me and rest his hand on my knee. Then, after the movie ended, he asked me if I'd massage his back, albeit playfully. I'm at such a loss because I really liked him, and was just coming to terms with us being 'just friends'. Now I'm not sure where his head is at and even less sure about what I should do now. He's a really lovely guy but I'm afraid of getting hurt. Although I'd love things to go further, I could be friends with him if there were clear boundaries. It's the in between bit I can't deal with, its too hard! What should I do?


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  • Tell him how u feel but also keep ur guard up cuz u nnever knw what could really happen. But if u really don't knw what to do jst trust ur gut n make a move while telling him how u feel n what would he like if he had a relationship with u n if he doesn't don't waste ur time waiting for him n go find someone worth ur time πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘

  • Because he wants to have sex with u thats it


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