He kept on touching my ass?

While I was on a date with this guy, he kept on touching my ass while I was walking. I didn't really care but I was wondering if its a good sing or a bad sign. And why do guys like touching girl's asses so much? haha


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  • Lol well I do it to my girl n its a sign that he loves ur body n the curves u got 😂, he probably aroused by the size of ur booty n yea its a good thing cuz most guys that can't help them self to feel on a girl mean that the girl is one hell of a catch especially with a beautiful body 😉


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  • If it was your first date together and he was already non-stop touching your ass and you let him. He's probably out for just sex and expects it to happen soon. It's a sign of really low respect towards you and you shouldn't tolerate it.

    If you've been dating for a while, he probably just likes your ass. It's fun to squeeze :)

    • +1 for the lack of respect.
      If it is the first or few times, I'd say he's out for one thing only.

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