Is the guy expected to initiate all the conversations?

I've been texting this girl for a while and we have a date coming up however it seems that she never initiate a conversation it's always me starting them. Is that standard and what is expected or is it unusual and potentially cause for concern?


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  • Either she is shy or she dosent want to sound too clingy... does she reply instantly after you text her.. that means she is interested but shy... if she hardly replies or dosent really seem interested then you might have a red flag. When you go on your date, you can kind playfully tease her that she's the never the first one to text... her reply will tell you the truth. Though some people are just really lazy, but you should put an effort in relationshps

    • She died respond imideately when I text her, she just doesn't start conversations

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    • Then she is obviously shy, and dosent want to seem to clingy. I bet she literally waits for you to send her a text. Dont worry you can playfully point it out on the date, and she might take time getting used to replying first

    • Thanks that's really helpful

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  • some but not all

  • Usually, us girls wait for the guy to initiate them. The guy I like never starts it though, so some days I'll text him and he'll respond, but other days we don't text at all. I guess I'm stubborn like that, and some of my friends that are girls do that too.


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