Popular guy may like me, help?

So, I sit next to this guy in Geography. We're friends, but we're kind of opposites. I'm not a loner or unpopular, but I'm quiet and sometimes a little shy. He's loud, gets invited to tons of parties, smokes, and gets a LOT of female attention. He doesn't seem like the player type though.

Over the past week, he's been acting different. He asked for my number, snapchat, and called me cute multiple times. I'm not sure if he was messing about or not, but I don't think he was. Today he started talking to me on Facebook too (and, although this is kind of irrelevant I know, he was putting like 5 kisses at the end of everything haha)

Now, all my friends are telling me to go for him. I think he's really attractive and they say opposites attract, but I'm nervous. I told them that and they told me to stop worrying and give him a chance. I'm not even sure if he likes me yet...

But we are opposites. He smokes weed, is classed as the most attractive guy in our grade, goes to parties almost every week and is in the popular crowd. I'm quiet, super duper innocent and rarely go to parties.
It sounds really snobby I know (I'm just worried) but he's not the type I'd usually go for.

Do you think I should give him a chance or steer clear?


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  • If you like him flirt back but just beware and don't change who you are because he's the opposite of you. Stay true and genuine and uphold your morals and don't feel pressured.