I just want to be liked?

Ok so I'm a single guy. I don't have many friends, I'm not socially awkward, or anything I've been told on many occasions by people I'm a great person, and that sometimes I'm 'too nice' now here's the thing I don't have much look with girls. Girls like me, but not in that way. Is it because I'm too nice? Don't get me wrong I'm not a push over, but I try and see the best in everyone, and i genuinely wear my heart on my sleeve. Girls says I'm a gentleman - which I'm proud of. maybe I'm doing something wrong? If I like a girl, and she's even friendly towards me, I grow really fond of her. I thinks it just because I want to be liked by a girl. I know I'm probably going to be told to man up, but I am who I am.


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  • don't change a bit of yourself. i am who i am too. i am trying to be more social because i am a loner and insecure and have anxiety disorder, but i am not changing who i am. i don't like to wear makeup or gossip, and i believe this might be a reason why i don't have a guy who likes me or have a crush on me, and i don't think my crush likes me back but it's fine with me. don't change yourself. the girl who'd accept to be with you would definitely worth the waiting just like the guy who'd want to be with me. he'll understand me and she'll understand you.
    do NOT change yourself.

  • Do you let those girls you are interested know that you are fairly soon?

    • No because the main girl I like works with me. I'm cautious to this fact..

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    • Tell the main girl you like her if you have already or she's not interested keep it moving. Whenever you're interested in a women let them know fairly soon don't be creepy but ask them on a date. You need to seize the moment.

    • Then you have your answer. Don't waste your time longing over someone who is clearly not interested. And don't let her being around effect your behavior. You tried so now try with another girl.

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