I have been talking to this guy, do you think he likes me? I'm kinda clueless I know!?

I have know this guy for half a year now and I met him on Facebook, he goes to the same school at my cousin and they are friends so I decided it was okay to add him and I thought he was kinda cute. We talked a little in the past but is was always long personal conversations, So I guess you could say we kinda "clicked". We stopped talking for a while and because we both got busy, but we recently started to talk a lot again. I'm almost always starting the conversation and I have no idea why he won't start one (is it a guy thing?) when we talk it's always long meaningful conversations. He always asks me how my day is and how I'm doing, I don't know if he's just being nice or if he likes me (guys that go to my school never ask stuff like that so I'm kinda confused). When ever I answer he always wants to know more. Last week I was having a terrible week. On the first few days of the week I would tell him why and go into detail but I started to feel like I was complaining too much to him. Wen Wednesday came he asked and I just said it was a crappy day, no detail or anything. He asked to know more and I answered vaguely. He kept asking to know more and he wouldn't let me leave it alone. He really seemed to care about everything I was saying. On Friday I had the worst day ever I was getting picked on and a bunch of other stuff. When I told him what happened he replied with a super long message telling me that all those people are wrong and how good of a person I am. I don't know if he was just being nice or if he really cared, I seemed like he really cared but I don't even know... guys are confusing! He always does little things to make me feel better, that was just a good example. I haven't really tried flirting with him because I'm afraid of ruining a great friendship. We have not met in person yet but we're working on it, we both just have been super busy.

Extra info
I'm 15
He's 17
We go to different schools and he lives 30 minutes away.

Please help!

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I invited him to my schools Halloween dance and he wanted to match my Halloween costume.


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