How long should I wait to date again?

I broke up with my boyfriend a couple days ago (which I am toatally over him, because he wasn't into me anyway and I wasn't gonna waste my time with him) and my best guy friend said that he really likes me and wants ask me out and he doesn't want to ask me until Im ready and Im ready but people will think I broke up with my bf for him, so how long do I wait to date again?

We dated for about 10 months


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  • who gives a shit what people think... its up to u... some can leave 1 relationship and be in another the next day... usually its the feeling of being alone that bothers them so they date a rebound... i dont approve of rebounds... if he's asking u out consider it if u like the guy... a date dont hurt just be smart and pay attention if ure into him and he's into u y shouldn't u 2 date... just have fun

  • How long were you dating your last boyfriend?

    • About 10 months

    • I'd say it's up to your own discretion. I once dated a girl who was over her ex a year before they even broke up officially. Don't worry too much about what other people say or think. Its not like you had a divorce or something, you're still single and even if you're going steady with someone that doesn't mean you have an obligation to them after you break up. (No obligation, but again, use discretion)

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