So I'm not over my ex yet but I meat this really nice girl who I think I really like but she lives 700 miles away?

Long story short had a really bad breakup with my ex and she hurt me a lot. I tried getting her back for a really long time and couldn't let anybody else near and I even couldn't find anybody. I didn't want to let anybody near and thought I'd not meet anybody for a long time.
But then last week I went to a congress out of town and I don't even know how meat this really nice girl and we talked for a couple of hours and I walked her to her hotel room and she gave me her number but nothing happened.
So we started chatting on fb and she turns out to be a really really nice person and I thought that she might like me when we were talking and I think I'm starting to really like her but she lives 700 miles away. I told her I liked her and that I wanted to invite her to get some ice cream and kept thinking abut kissing her and she laughed how crazy I was and that normally she'd be offended but with me she liked it and said she liked me. Thing is I don't know what to do I'd like to get to know her better but I don't know how to invite her to come and visit or how I could go visit or something. Her friend used to study in my town and she comes here for holidays and she said she's always inviting her to come along. I don't know somehow I have the feeling we might really like each other but I know she has trust issues with new people because her ex hurt her a lot too.
It's really crazy because I'm actually really thinking about a girl that's 700 miles away and thinking how we could date and we haven't even kissed before and don't even know if we'd like each other. Anyway I don't know what to do should I pursue it and try to I don't know arrange something or just forget about it. Any advice or thoughts?


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  • take time off or vacation to where she's at for a week or weekend and hang out together see where it goes she will apppreciate it due to the fact i don't think guys know how much girls love it when guys travel from a far just to see them so it will show on your part you care about her or wanting something more with her to me its sweet and most guys don't do that and thats why long distance relationships don't work cause we wait for guys to step up and show they care by putting effort in something they care about to give the girl a chance but try going to see her because u doing that will mean so much to her

    • Yeah I was thinking of this but I don't know if it's not to soon. She invited me to and event that's happening about 600 miles away that she thought I'd like but I'd rather meet up just with her. But I'm a little hesitant about it because it might be a little weird if I went and visited her and the other problem is that lately I've had some financial trouble. Because my mother has become very sick I've had to move back in so that I can help my parents financially but unfortunately I'm not making as much as I used to and can't afford to spend money. I'm afraid that if I went en visited her it would be too much financially. I mean I could afford the trip but not much more and I'm afraid of telling her about my problems because I don't want her to think less of me. But I think I really like her but I don't if she likes me enough too.

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    • i would give her space and let her come to you cause it doesn't sound like she's over her feelings for her ex so i would let her make the first moves to show more on her part that she's serious about being more with you hun :) everything will be okay im sure something good will come out of this situation stay positive

    • Yeah I left her some space. She even told me her self she's a little bit on the edge because she has some stuff to do with her ex. Some papers to work out about something. She told me to be thinking of her and that she's nervous. But I told her I'll be here if she needs me and I'm thinking about her and that she makes me smile. :) We talked for hours yesterday and today she said she was sorry because she had a little too much to drink but I told her it was fine that I didn't mind. :)
      But it's funny how something always tries to grind the gears. Yesterday my ex sent me a text thanking me for the post card I sent her weeks ago. I guess she must have heard that I had meat somebody and that we had a nice time. I'm so angry because I don't know what to feel or what to think.

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