Age ain't Nothing But A Number... Hate the Saying But Sometimes Its True. Whats the Oldest and Youngest You Would Date?

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What Guys Said 5

  • I was 23 when I met my wife, she was 17. Today I am 39. I would date someone in their fifties, or twenties.

    • Wow thats a big gap, but its pretty much something very common these days.

    • It really depends on their behaviour and maturity level too.

    • Like I always say I wouldn't date a guy younger than me. But as of lately, so many guys who are like only a year younger than me have become so attractive. It doesn't have much to do with maturity because I like goofballs. But idk. Its like I'll like them, and we'll "talk talk" but I don't know I can never bring myself to date them. Same goes for guys who are like 2 or more years older than me. Idk, i just really prefer guys my age or a year older.

  • That always depend on the age. Im 19 and i wouldn't date a 14 yo, but when ill be 30, 25 would be way more acceptable. Right now, it would probably be between 17 and 21

    • Lol you said you're 19 and wouldn't date a 14yo. Same goes for a 15-17 year old right?

    • I dont really understand what you mean.

  • 29.

    18 to 49.

    • Okay, the 10 year thing I assume

  • I'm 28, I would date older (up to 39 years old), or younger (18 years old is a minimum).

  • I'm with a 26 year old girl, I'm 21.

    • Oh so you do 5 years? Mmkay

    • It doesn't matter to me as lomg as she's over 18 and looks good

    • Yea at least you're thinking Legally haha

What Girls Said 4

  • I wouldn't date someone who's more than 5 years older than me or more than 2 years younger than me.

    • Yea I'd crush on someone 5 years older, but I couldnt bring myself to date them

    • I could date someone 5 years older, if he had patience for me...
      But, I understand you

  • 1-3 years younger and up to 6 years older. At least for right now.

  • Im 20 and wouldn't date younger than 18 and not any older than 23/24 I think :)

  • age gap? 5 years (both older and younger than me)

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