Is he playing games with me? Or could he really be going through something?

I don't know if the guy I'm talking to is trying to play games with me or not. Lately he goes a couple days at a time with out talking to me. I ask him why he doesn't reply sometimes and he tells me that he's been going through a lot lately, a lot of stuff has been happening and that he doesn't want to talk about it right now. Right now he tries to keep his mind off of things. But he said he will explain everything one day soon. We were supposed to see each other this weekend but he told me that he couldn't hang out this weekend and that he was sorry that he hasn't been talking much but he's been busy but he can talk tomorrow. I know things happen in life and sometimes we all go through really hard times, events and situations. I tried to be understanding because he could actually be going through something. But I'm starting to think I should just fall back and not text him anymore. Should I just stop texting him? And do guys prefer less communication (texting and phone calls) than females?


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  • seems like he is playing games.. to me anyway.. call him out on it


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