Do u think he likes me?

he s a really good friend of mine ! and I really like him well we went to a haunted house and long story short the was a bunch of holding on to each other it felt so right (wrapping arms around each other) then we went back to my house for a bon fire and there was some flirting I guess u can say but after he went home we was talking on Facebook and he was like im to tired so I was like go to bed silly and he was like I am lol good night and I told him night and then I was was like wait I have a question to ask you but he was off line soon then I the morning he was like like yes what is if ( I was going to ask him if he liked me ) I was like never mind then he replied I waited all morning for a never mind and now in class I feel like he stares at me? help please


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  • Right now tell him at length what a great time you had and how much you enjoyed being with him, recounting the little funny happenings, preferably face to face, but at least by direct voice. If he seems not to respond to you, you can text him something like, "Are you mad at me?" and take it from there. I sense that this friendship is just getting started because you guys have already shared a good time together.

    Make a date with him even if it is just to go to a Starbucks, et cetera. Tell him you need his help with something he might know about. Tell him you want to go somewhere, but not alone, and want him to go with you, even if just the mall, to go hiking or a long walk, or visiting the library. Ask his help with school work.

    If he shares your feelings, he will welcome your overtures. If not, he is not the guy for you. Your main thrust should be establishing and maintaining good communication with this guy or any future guys you spend time with.

    • we hang out a lot and he always says he has fun with me lol we went bowling a few weeks ago it was funn

  • He likes you for sure


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