How to tell if he's a sociopath?

Okay so there's this guy. Let me lead this by saying he's mega hot. Like seriously, he looks like a combo of those Smallville guys. He's also 6'5 and mega fit, super smart and actually successful.

Because of all this a large part of me wants to go out with him. He's definitely interested and he's invited me over to his place before and I said no and here's why..

He has reallyy weird vibes. Like there's something about his eyes they're like vacant and he always has this smile that's like... creepily knowing. And the way he tools its like... monotone. Almost like he's reading it off a paper. Also he's really arrogant but in a very matter of fact way.

So I'm not really sure what I should do... I dont really know what the signs of a sociopath would be, bit it feels like he could be one. I just don't know. Maybe someone who has dealt with one could tell me, does he sound like one?

What would you do? Go to his place or not risk it? I don't wanna not do something just because I'm being paranoid. Though I do live Charlottesville and tons of girls go missing here so that makes me paranoid

way he *talks rather


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  • I don't know a whole lot about sociopaths, but I'd say:

    1) Trust your gut until your hunch can be satisfied with truth one way or the other
    2) Don't go to a guy's house unless you have some character references for him. Do you know his best closest friends? Do you know his family? Do you know someone who knows his family?
    3) Consider getting to know him in a small group setting until you can establish more rapport with him.

    Its entirely possible he is a totally ordinary guy, and one day you'll be laughing with him about your awkward initial impression of him, but I can't in good faith tell you to disregard a hunch.


    You asking this question means YOUR GUT is telling you he is a sociopath!

    DO not ignore your gut!

    You could end up dead.

    • Well I have a tendancy to be really paranoid! He honestly ses really cool its just some things off I don't know

    • It is that "something" that you cannot put your finger on that can end very, very badly for you.

      People who have careers usually only have limited time to devote to a mate.

      He is handsome, you know girls will be throwing themselves at him.

      Do you really want to spend your life fending off other women for what time he may, or may not even give you? This is ignoring any potential sociopathy issues. My vote is stay away.

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