How should a first date go?

Is it better to go on group dates or just go with the other person? Sometimes it would be nice if there were other people there on the date then just you. Do you think he likes it better with just you or when there are other people around. We already went on 2 dates once alone and once with other people. I don't know if he'd rather just be with me or have other friends around?


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  • If he is shy, he might like a group date, however you don't want to get caught up in always going out as a group.

    Personally, I like "just the two of us" dates just because you get to know the person on a more intimate level. It's just the two of you.


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  • It's important to go on a first couple of dates one on one, but since you have done it already, there is nothing wrong with mixing with other people unless certain people make him or you feel uncomfortable when you are all together.


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  • I feel uncomfortable going by my self but if I really love her I would want to go just by our selves. Personally I would rather go by my self, and a first date is just to get to know each other and nothing else.

    I am 15 and I don't think I think like the others


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